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 We are re-starting the Annapolis Valley Aviator's Breakfast on the third Saturday of the month at 8 am.  All are welcome. Come for breakfast and conversation.

Venue: McDonald's - Coldbrook, N.S. (Route 1 east of 101 exit)

Saturday Tentative Dates: Verified will be done using the AVFA membership email list.

  • December 2023 - no breakfast due to holidays
  • January  21st
  • February 17th

Saturday, July 9, at Greenwood Airport, had at least 6 visiting aircraft and over 25 aviation enthusiast present for a Barbeque and presentation. Patrick Gilbert told us of the procedures, safety measures, and techniques of towing gliders for the Air Cadets. AVFA with the help of Scotia Eagles (EAA1051) were the hosts.

Below of some scenes from the 21 August 2021 gathering of aviation enthusiasts at Kings-Hillaton Aerodrome for a barbecue.  Kings-aero Tech opened its doors to show what projects they are working on. In addition COPA presented Jim and Elizabeth Walker with there Merit Award for initiating the series of get-togethers  for aviators in the last year.  A half-dozen planes flew in and there were nearly 50 visitors during the 2 hour event.  (Click a picture for a large version. Hit ESC to return)


Next BBQ: 21st August 2021
- Kings-Hillaton Aerodrome - 11am-1pm
1670 Saxon St., Kings County, N.S.

Past BBQ: 7 August 2021 - Greenwood Airpark - 11am-1pm

This was very successful, with about 50 attendees, and 7 planes and 1 helicopter flew in.  Everyone enjoyed the new taste of South African Sausage. 

On 8 August and 12 September, we had the third and fourth barbecue-gathering at CFB Greenwood in the airpark.  General, we have 20-40 visitors who mingle, converse and eat from 10 am to 2 pm on Saturday. The other two gatherings were on July 11 and 25th. After the creation of the Atlantic Canada bubble on the July 12th we had fly-in’s from New Brunswick and PEI.   The weather has been cooperating and all activities are outside.

The Fly-in to celebrate the opening of the new hangers at the Greenwood Air-park was enjoyed by an estimated 50 persons. It was great to meet and talk to friends, some of whom we had not seen for awhile.  The barbecue was interrupted briefly by a downpour that cause everyone to take cover in the hangers.  For more images of participants and aircraft see Fly-in Image Gallery




May meeting – 2019

Sunday , May 12 at 2 pm, members of AVFA had a brief meeting and toured the new hanger. 

See EVENTS: We will be having a Hanger Opening Fly-in on June 29th.

New Hangers and AVFA tour.






Opening the bifold hanger door.








Three aircraft per bay. Eric Sawler’s Cirrus in front. The hanger walls are insulated.

Air Show Atlantic 2019

CFB Greenwood – 31 August and 1 September

For details go to

Atlantic School of Skydiving is on Halifax Terminal frequency 118.7 during  operations at New Scotland airfield, South Maitland. If they are in the air, terminal will know and   a NOTAM is filed each day before operations.

Mostly jumping is from 10,000 feet , parachutes are normally in the air within 3 miles of the airfield and approach the airfield from the upwind side.

Coordinates are 45° 16’N, 63° 30’W, approximately 9 miles S of Debert or 21 miles E of Stanley.

Visitors are welcome and need to be aware of and give way to jumpers in the air and on the grass runway.

Dave Williamson will happily answer any questions that may arise.

Civil Aviation Area at CFB Greenwood.

Civil Aviation Area at CFB Greenwood.

Information on the Civil Aviation Activities at CFB Greenwood operated by Freeedom Aviation Society (FAS) are available at its new website with access via either