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Next BBQ: 21st August 2021 – Kings-Hillaton Aerodrome – 11am-1pm 1670 Saxon St., Kings County, N.S. Past BBQ: 7 August 2021 – Greenwood Airpark – 11am-1pm This was very successful, with about 50 attendees, and 7 planes and 1 helicopter flew in.  Everyone enjoyed the new taste of South African Sausage. 

Atlantic School of Skydiving is on Halifax Terminal frequency 118.7 during  operations at New Scotland airfield, South Maitland. If they are in the air, terminal will know and   a NOTAM is filed each day before operations. Mostly jumping is from 10,000 feet , parachutes are normally in the air within 3 miles of the airfield […]

Information on the Civil Aviation Activities at CFB Greenwood operated by Freeedom Aviation Society (FAS) are available at its new website with access via either

The following is a Letter to Tom McEwan CAO, MOK  – 14 January 2016: “Regarding proposed 31 March 2016 access to 14 Wing Greenwood for general  aviation Freedom Aviation Society (FAS) has been working with MOK and 14 Wing Greenwood staff to establish general aviation at CYZX by 31 March 2016.  14 Wing has been […]

Below is an aerial view of the Kings Aerodrome as viewed from the south. The road is Saxon Street east of Route 358. Kings Aerodrome from the South Click on the image for a larger view