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It is past the deadline date of 22nd August  and there is no news  from the Municipality of Kings with respect to the counter proposal. The following is a link to an article on the proposal.  Airport Lawsuit could be withdrawn if Kings County Accepts Counter Proposal

 Letter to the Editor – Chronicle Herald –  7 August 2014 Counterpoint: Winging it on waterville airport move

 Interview by Rick Howe of News 95.7 fm of Ian Patrick on the Airport Closure Audio Archive with Ian’s interview at the beginning

On 26th July the Chief Administrative Officer (CAO) of the King County Council, Mr. MacEwan, posted a disertata and proposals (22 pages) called ‘Airport Relocation Stategy’ for the council to consider. You can read it at – Click Here for direct link On the 29th of July In a four hour session, discussion among the […]

Soon you will see these signs around Kings County to urge residents to contact their councilors to urge then to preserve avaiation in the region by not closing the Waterville airport. We have ordered 50 signs that will be available soon. Below is a copy of the informational pamphlet that will be used to inform the […]

 This was presented at the last meeting but there was no time to discuss it. Comments for changes or corrects are welcomed.  If you find it useful and wish to post it, print it out. If there is enough interest, we can have a bunch printed commercially and distributed.   Click on the image to […]

On the Main AVFA page you  will see a small count down in the upper right corner. This timer tells you how many days until October 1, 2015 when the Waterville Airport is scheduled to closed by the council of Municipality of Kings (MOK).   Rush to Get Rid of an Airport Despite the pleas […]

One of the proposals for a place to move the Waterville Airport is to a “Kings Airpark” on Saxon Street. This was put forth at a meeting of the Airport Taskforce on 18 May and accepted by 26 members of the AVFA. The Goals, Plans, Proposal and suggest solutions to problems was put forth in […]

MLA Keith Irving pulls together groups with interest to discuss future plans for airport land May 8, 2014 WATERVILLE – A week has passed since a round-table discussion occurred between the interested parties involved in the closure of the Kings County Municipal Airport, and nothing has become any more certain than it had been leading […]

Marathon council meeting sees airport-friendly councillors scolded for defending constituents May 7, 2014 WATERVILLE – Constituents of Kings County faced adversity once again as their councillors were muzzled by the Warden for speaking out in defense of the Kings County Municipal Airport. “That is not on this evening’s agenda,” cried Warden Diana Brothers as Councillors […]