Article about Kings County Municipal Airport focus of International Aviation Publication

Local aviation enthusiast authors piece for Experimental Aviation Association
April 16, 2014
WATERVILLE, NS – Larry Bogan is all aglow these days. An aviation enthusiast and aircraft hobbyist with an aircraft based at the Kings County Municipal Airport, Bogan recently submitted a piece of writing to the Experimental Aircraft Association (EAA) newsletter about the decision made by Municipality of Kings to close the local airport.

“If the municipal councillors are not going to listen to us, we need to explore other avenues to have our voices heard,” exclaims Bogan. “Publishing an article in the EAA magazine was my way of attracting attention to the airport and to interested pilots who might have some insight into our situation. Maybe others have gone through this battle and can offer us some help.”

Municipality of Kings decided in a March in-camera session to close the airport at its current location effective September 30, 2014. This decision will force the closure and/or displacement of pilots, aircraft, hangars and businesses (including Greenwood Flight Centre, Greenwood Aircraft Maintenance, and the Atlantic Skydiving School) – all left without a home. Though alternatives have been proposed, to this date there has been no concrete decision made that would give airport users a new place to settle. The Municipality has not taken any action in order to provide a new location of the airport as was proposed in an earlier study.

In accordance with the taxpayer funded study performed by CBCL Limited in 2013, Kings County Municipal Airport has been responsible for approximately $17.025 million in personal and non-aviation related investment in the county. It ranks 22 out of 186 of uncontrolled airports in the country in terms of takeoffs and landings, placing it amongst the top 12% of Canadian airports. The study also notes that the costs for operating the airport are “modest by the standards of other uncontrolled airports in Canada.” 

The users of the airport are not giving up without a fight. The Annapolis Valley Flying Association has formed a taskforce which is operating under the banner “SAVE OUR AIRPORT”. Several upcoming events have been planned to entice public support for the need for and financial benefit of an airport in the Annapolis Valley.

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