Employees at Kings County Municipal Airport ask why council members want to take away their jobs.
May 7, 2014

WATERVILLE, NS – When it comes to business as usual around the Kings County Municipal Airport, that expression is now a thing of the past. With the uncertainty of the future not only of existing airport but a future airport, too, businesses like Rouleau Aviation are struggling to stay positive.

“It is difficult to drum up future business if there’s no guarantee of a future,” states Peter Rouleau, owner and operator of Rouleau Aviation based out of the Waterville Airport. “My business, my livelihood… it’s all gone once the airport is gone.”

And Rouleau is not the only one. There are several businesses with employees based out at the airport including a flight school, a skydiving school, and aircraft maintenance.

Municipality of Kings council members voted in March to close the 3,500ft runway and adjacent airport facilities effective September 30, 2014 to make way for Michelin in the event that they wished to expand. Having recently lain off a number of workers at their Granton plant, many people are left to question why the airport must be closed so quickly if Michelin is removing jobs from Nova Scotia.

Walter Isenor, president of the Annapolis Valley Flying Association says, “Many of the users of the Waterville airport want to know why we can’t just stay on the land until Michelin publicly announces and provides a timeline for any expansion. We are very willing to work together with Michelin so that the airport and the tire plant can work together. As an organization, however, we do not understand why we would be forced to move if there’s no expansion in the works.”

With the Kings County Municipal Airport being the second busiest airport in the province as per takeoffs and landings, and being amongst the busiest 12% of uncontrolled airports in Canada, many are left to question why their jobs that currently exist are not as important as those that may never exist.

The Annapolis Valley Flying Association can be found at: http://www.avfa.ca.
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