Marathon council meeting sees airport-friendly councillors scolded for defending constituents
May 7, 2014

WATERVILLE – Constituents of Kings County faced adversity once again as their councillors were muzzled by the Warden for speaking out in defense of the Kings County Municipal Airport.

“That is not on this evening’s agenda,” cried Warden Diana Brothers as Councillors Pauline Raven and Patricia Bishop attempted to discuss e-mails from airport supporters. “They (the e-mails) are irrelevant and not a topic for discussion at this meeting.”

Supporters of the Kings County Municipal Airport sat in the Council Chambers for much of the evening, but as the topic of the airport was pushed further and further down the agenda, several were unable to stay. “I stayed from 6pm to 10:30pm, at which time the council finally brought up the topic of the airport,” states Andrew Robertson, member of the Annapolis Valley Flying Association.

Robertson also notes that other supporters of the airport were “booed” as they attempted to speak for the need of an airport in Kings County. “(Another member) was booed because he was not only a developer but also a pilot. The intentions of other defenders of the airport were also questioned because they held a pilot’s license.”

After discussion of the topic took place, public and the media were ushered out of the Council Chambers so that more discussion on this topic could take place. It is wondered what happened after those with a vested interest were ejected. Robertson questions, “Was this more Top Secret planning in the works?”

Council had voted in an in-camera session to close the airport back in March 2014. The Annapolis Valley Flying Association has started the Save the Airport Campaign and the Hanger Owner’s Group has taken legal action against the council.

The future of the airport at this point: non-existent if the Warden has anything to do with it.

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