The AVFA Galleries

The AVFA Image Gallery is made of several separate ‘galleries’. Each image in the gallery can be viewed individually by clicking on the thumbnail image. When the full image is shown a set of arrows are available to proceed to the next or previous image. There are descriptions available under the images.

To return to the thumbnail gallery (picture list), just click anywhere on the large picture.

You will see a [show as slideshow] in the upper left of the gallery. Clicking on this put you in the slideshow loop. This will change on all the galleries on the page. At the moment there is a seven second delay in advancing the images. You can go to the next image by clicking on the current one. To return to the gallery click on the [show picture list].

Adding Your Images to a Gallery

Register as User
You must be registered as a user to put images up on the AVFA Gallery.

Email to request a user name and password. Identiy yourself (as AVFA member) and give your email address.

Once Registered – uploading images
Logon the this site using the link below to the right (or on anypage except the Gallery page).

This will take you to the ‘Dashboard’ administrative page. Click on ‘Gallery’ in the lower left menu and then on the ‘Add Gallery/Images’. This will give you a dialog box enabling you to select images files from your computer. Before using the Browse link, select the gallery where the images should be placed. Now select the image(s) that you want to upload. (do not disable the flash upload or you will have to upload the images one at a time) . Click on Upload

You can also put your images into a zipped file and upload them in that one file.

The upload will automatically create thurmbnail versions of your images and put them on the Gallery page. Be sure to log out after you are finished.

Note 1: Image Size: To save file space and increase the speed of the upload, you should decrease the size of all your images to around 1000 pixels wide (landscape shape).

Note 2: Adding Galleries: You will notice on the dialog that you can also create a Gallery of your own. If you create a gallery and put your images in that gallery they will not be visible on the webpage since that Gallery has to be put on the page by the administrator. If there is a good reason to create a new gallery let the administrator know and they can include that gallery on the AVFA Gallery page.