Annapolis Valley Flying Association - Taskforce
meeting: 9:30 am 12 April 2014
Terminal Building, Waterville Airport

Chair: Christoph Both
Attendance: ~20 + Keith Irving


- Call to order
- Summary/Minutes of last meeting April 6 (Larry Bogan - AVFA web site)
- REPORT: TASK FORCE TEAMS and Point Persons:
- COPE Freedom To Fly Fund/Legal Support Fund (Ken Cheslock)
- Hangar Owner's Group (Tom Goddard)
- New County Airport Group (Ted Davidson)
- Public Relations - Nancy Sweeney (joining via SKYPE)
- MLA/Politicians Action Group - Ann and Tom Goddard
- WACL Relations - Tom Goddard
- COPA Relations - Brian Chappell
- Greenwood CFB Relations - Walter Isenor
- Municipality of Kings Relations - Gary Dunfield
-EAA Chapter 1051 Relations - Larry Bogan
-Michelin Relations - Walter Isenor
- Arthur Irving - Walter Isenor
- MOK meeting Tuesday (April 14)
- Supporting MOK Airport Relocation Committee (Paul Easson)
[Steering Committee]
- COPA article: Morden MB airport (Christoph Both)
- Letter to Hon. Scott Brison (Cyril Mosher)
- CFB Greenwood update
- Other letters?
- Keith Irving ROUND TABLE
- AVFA OPEN HOUSE MAY 31 weekend (Nancy Sweeney)
- Education/AVFA Youth in Aviation Art Contest
- COPY Kids Fly
- Booth for Vendors
- Ad in papers [Budget]
- Create Flyers (Budget]
- Stanley Sport Aviation Fly-In Breakfast May 17-18 8:30-12:00
- Stanley Fly In (AVFA coordinator needed - Airport Reinforcement Brigade)

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AVFA Website and Email List. Larry Bogan
Minutes of Meetings and Other Reports at → Airport Taskforce → Reports
or directly
The email list at is an open email forum. Anyone with email on the list can email to everyone else on the list. So If you want to give information to the groups just send to
Instructions were with the first email you got from the list and you can manage your emails. Those instructions will be put on the website soon.

1. COPA and Freedom to Fly Fund: ( may be used to donate to for defence of the CCW3. Ken Cheslock has communicated with Brian Chappell about this but the decision was not final at this time.
2. Hanger Owner's Group: The current action is mediation with MOK and they are not going into Judicial Review .
3. New Airport Group: Ted Davison reported that West Hants is looking for an appropriate location for an airport. No more info on Annapolis County
Valley Region Enterprise Network (REN) is another approach to which Keith Irving suggested. The board was recently appointed and they are starting to consider projects. Gary Dunfield contacted them and it is possible they may already be considering a Valley Airport. They have representation from nine municipalities in Kings and West Hants. Information is at
4. Public Relations: Nancy Sweeney has started the plans for the 31 May open house (not a fly-in) at CCW3. She will need lots of help and everyone is urged to volunteer. You can contact her by email at
Youth and Aviation is in the works Scott Brison has been contacted.
Art Patton contacted the Apple Blossom Festival about getting advertisement for the Open House (cost $500) – Eric Sawler donated the funds from his company to allow this.
5. MLA/Politician Action: The Goddards talked to Leo Glavine who wants a gathering of all parties to look at a 'new approach'. No date set yet.
Hoping to meet with Scott Brison (MP Kings-Hants) and Greg Kerr (MP West Nova).
Another approach is to show the necessity of an local airport for industries such as the wine industry, tourism and others.
Keith Irving (MLA Kings South) has met with Leo Glavine and Premier McNeil and they want a meeting of all parties including a Michelin representation soon. This would include AVFA, WACL, MOK, and COPA.
- A Motion to Select the AVFA member (s) to represent us at the above meeting (moved Larry Bogan, 2nd Ted Davison) Names put forward were Ian Patrtrick, Gordon Squires, and Tom Goddard.
Ian Patrick was selected with Tom Goddard available also.
6. WACL Relations: The has been no board meeting and no info
7. COPA Relations: No news
8. Greenwood CFB Relations: Walter Isenor reported that MOK Warden and CAO had been at Greenwood.
There is a meeting planned for Wednesday 16th April at 3 pm in the Orchard Room of the County Building. Time to be affirmed. The purpose is to have users of the Waterville Airport tell the officials (Mike Deutsch) what would be needed at Greenwood for a civil airport there. Things like, numbers of aircraft, hangers, etc. This is not a forum for complaints on closing the airport.
9. Municipality of Kings: Gary Dunfield met with Jim Winsor to urge that the airport committee get working. Paul Easson has also been working get that committee established and the nominations are coming soon. Ted Davison pointed out that the terms of reference for the business proposal for the new airport will be set by the MOK council. It is not clear where the money will come to pay for the business proposal. The province will only fund half of it.
10. EAA Relations: Nothing new
11. Michelin Relations: no news
12. Arthur Irving: No contact yet

New Items:

- MOK Council: Committee of the Whole meeting (April 14) – Tuesday 9am in Council Chambers
an item related to the airport is on the agenda
- MOK Airport Relocation Committee: Paul Easson has been talking to the councilors urging that the Airport Relocation Committee be activated. Response has been more encouraging lateley.
- Need short term and long term solution.
- Best solution Is for the airport to remain at its current location until Michelin actually needs the land.
- The airport, businesses and pilots need stability to grow and prosper.
- COPA article: A good article on the Morden MB airport in the lastest COPA magazine
- Letter to Hon. Scott Brison – no reply yet
- AVFA Open House May 31
Most Important: There are many tasks to accomplish and everyone needs to volunteer to make this a success
Progress: Nancy Sweeney
- Involve students in the Annapolis Valley Schools. Posters, letters to teachers and parents (after Easter)
- Prizes to students in various categories (Funding needed from AVFA)
- Flights for kids – advertise in COPA for KIDS ( - need pilots to volunteer
- Plan to be part of Apple Blossom Parade
- Auction at the Open House
- Invite Model Aircraft Flyers to the Open House
- Press releases are needed now to advertise the event

Stanley Airport Events:
Pilots et al are urged to attend the events at Stanley since they will reciprocate and help us. Besides it is lots of fun. (1) Breakfast on 17 May (2) The Annual Stanley Fly-in 30-31 August.

Ian Patrick Comments:
- The current wing commander at Greenwood is favorable to civil aviation and the meeting with Greenwood should be a good way to cooperation. CFB Greenwood is under financial strain and there will be no money for a civil aiport from them.
- There will have to be a separate land and flying agreement. A civil operation can always be denied operations at the commander and by Ottawa. The final decisions are with Ottawa
- Does the MOK and the province understand that when CCW3 is closed that there will be large expenses cleaning up the property for development?
- We should point out that the airport does not belong to the Kings County Council or the Province but the the people of the province. It is part of our infrastructure that improves our quality of life.

Next Meeting:
9 am – Saturday 26th April 2014
Waterville Airport Building

Motion to Adjourn by Cyril Mosher
11:45 am

notes by Larry Bogan