Taskforce of Annapolis Valley Flying Association (AVFA)
Meeting – 10 May 2014

Location: Waterville Airport

Begin: 9 am
Chair: Christopher Both
18 in attendance

Minutes of 26 April meeting approved
Agenda Accepted as presented

A Comment Letter: Received by Christopher
A Municipality of Kings (MOK) Councilor claims to have been threatened by a member of the task force. The task force does not condone this type of action and Christopher will follow up on this to get details and find a solution.

Round Table (RT) Meeting Summaries
Keith Irving is now the point person for RT follow up. We may have to use him to get discussions with MOK.
Tom Goddard:
No Coexistence possible between Airport and Michelin Expansion.
Michelin has to own the property to bid on expansion funds from parent company.
The only negotiable item is closing date of the airport
Suggest MOK and AVFA discuss the date – if possible
This is an opening for a next step if we can get MOK to talk frankly with the stakeholders. Not easily done.

Ian Patrick
Dexter government initiate approach to Michelin as a project for jobs
Provincial government told MOK to get the airport moved
New government now leaves it to MOK
Meeting with Grant Ferguson (Michelin Rep) has not changed outlook
Warden Brothers is talking to Michelin in secret and informing council
Michelin will buy and clear the 53 acres they need

Hanger Owners (HO)
There is a letter from HO lawyers to MOK stating there will be suit if MOK breaks the lease with Waterville Aiport Cooperative Ltd (WACL). MOK Chief Administrative Officer (CAO) offered to meet but had no agenda. This is not agreeable to HO without a firm agenda.

MOK 6th May Council meeting
The motion by councilors for extending the date of closing of the airport was not on the agenda (reason unknown) and had to be offered from the floor which requires a 2/3 vote of the council. The motion to introduce failed.
It is not clear why the motion was not put on the MOK council agenda since it had been announce weeks earlier. We must learn how the agenda for a council meeting is set.

Background Information
The MOK had posted on the MOK website (county.kings.ns.ca), a 'Backgrounder' about the closing of Waterville Airport (CCW3) emphasizing the necessity to grab the opportunity of Michelin expansion while minimizing the value of the airport. The Taskforce has responded with a more comprehensive and balanced view of the process that lead to the MOK voting to close CCW3. This is on the taskforce pages on the AVFA website (avfa.ca)

Tire Industry Background
Research into the tire industry specifically concerning Michelin Tire expansion.
There is strong competition here for expansion funds with larger plants in South Carolina (SC)
Michelin has invested $5 billion in nine plants in SC.
Michelin will have to get $1.8 million before it can buy the Kings County airport land and that could be refused.
Dave has done more in-depth research on the continent wide situation as it effects the Waterville plant and will try to supply information to the media

Question: Why is the 53 acres being sold as 'land' in contrast to getting the price of an operating airport? A suggestion was to get an appraisal of the airport's value and ask that this be the price Michelin or any purchaser should pay for the land. Cyril Mosher will look into this.

Tom G. pointed out that we need more media alliance to get the important points to the MOK. They do not seem to read or consider what we send them. Ian P. mentioned that the article in the Advertiser questioning the governance by MOK regarding the airport was initiated by information he sent to the Advertiser. We need to do more of the information decemination.

AVFA Publicity
Nancy Sweeney had generated three press releases this week and Gordon Delaney of the Chronicle Herald used some in an article that came out this day

More releases are coming out on Air Cadets and History of the Greenwood Flight Centre.

Releases do not always generate newspaper or other articles. Some are ignored.

Greenwood Alternative
Walter Isenor reported there is no news related to information provide to CFB Greenwood command.

CCW3 Operating Certificate
No additional information here. WACL holds the operating certificate

MOK Business Case Study
Members have been selected but list is not known. The results of the study of the sustainability of a new airport will be due in July 2014

Tom G. will talk to Keith Irving to try to get MOK and AVFA together to ask Michelin for a delayed land purchase date.

The HO have been promised help from COPA by publishing a soliciation of funds.

The idea of a Provincial petition has been delayed since the legislature has recessed for the summer. However, we will pursue this by refining the wording (Nancy S. with help from Tom G. and Cyril M.) . This can be effective when presented at a council meeting. An example was the 300 name petition that Frank Comeau solicited and presented to MOK.

MOK procedures have been questioned by councilors and the media. We should look into them in more detail and think about involving Municipal Affairs. It would be appropriate to ask for help from the local municipal watchdog organization.

Warden Brothers announced a “good news” item for 20th May but not one knows what it will be. The question is why it has to be kept a secret and released in a closed session of the Council.

Ted Lennox (LPS Avia Consulting) was mentioned as resource on good airport operation and may be in the competition for the MOK business case study for a new airport. Troy Sweeney will contact him.

17 and 18th of May: Stanley Airport Breakfast Fly-In: AVFA members fly or drive over to support them and to enjoy the camaraderie of the event. Some are meeting at the airport to car pool and 'aircraft-pool'.

31st May Open House and Fly-by Apple Blossom Festival:
AVFA will be providing breakfast and BBQ lunch (donations)
Ken Cheslock et al will be arranging food

Tentative Schedule
8:00 – 9:00 aircraft arrival
8:30 – 10:00 breakfast
9:00 – 11:00 Cadet Glider demo
11:00 – noon Fly By over the Valley
11:30 – 13:30 BBQ hotdogs and hamburgers
13:00 – 14:00 Sky Divers demo
14:00 – 16:00 Cadet Glider flights
17:00 – 18:00 aircraft departure
(Open Hangers for visitors during the period – some educational demonstration)


1. Maintain and keep what we have (CCW3 and its infrastructure)
2. Work to have the closure deadline moved later or rescinded
3. Define what is desired for a New Airport
     a) Include existing airport resources and infrastructure
     b) New functions and capabilities
     c) New governance and management
     d) Improved land use arrangement

Next Meeting: No time set - TBD as needed for the Open House

Adjourned: 11:15 am moved by Ian Patrick